Hard Disk Sentinel

Hard Disk Sentinel 4.3

Hard Disk Sentinel is intended for HD monitoring and analysis

Hard Disk Sentinel is intended for hard disk monitoring and analysis. It can identify causes of possible malfunctioning in the future. As excessive temperature is an indicator that something is not working properly as well as a cause of hard disk failure, this program can help you by monitoring this parameter and showing real-time values. This application supports various types of disks, including IDE, SCSI and serial ATA. Fortunately, it also supports external drives, which had been a limitation in the past.

The program has a very straightforward interface, there are practically no hidden windows and major parameters are available right from its main screen. Likewise, most controls are readily accessible, allowing you to navigate through the application with ease. However, it is obvious that the user will require at least basic knowledge of what each parameter means.

In general, Hard Disk Sentinel has the advantage of helping you avoid hard disk problems before permanent damage is actually caused. Thus, it carries out a preventive function; such as issuing notifications about your hard disk status when any of the monitored parameters exceeds normal values. It can even start a backup process in the occurrence of such events. It can also measure disk transfer speed, something you may find particularly useful in scenarios requiring a high-speed data-transfer performance.

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  • It supports multiple types of storage devices, including external hard disks
  • It can monitor hard disk parameters in real time
  • It can detect possible causes of malfunctioning before hard disk failure actually occurs
  • It has a straightforward user interface


  • Using this program may require at least basic knowledge of what the monitored parameters mean
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