Hard Disk Sentinel

Hard Disk Sentinel

Monitor hard disk performance and temperature
Hard Disk Sentinel v5.6
12 Feb 2020
Hard Disk Sentinel v5.5
11 Jul 2019
Hard Disk Sentinel v5.4
20 Mar 2019
Hard Disk Sentinel v5.3
17 Jul 2018
Hard Disk Sentinel v5.2
23 Mar 2018
Editorial review
Hard Disk Sentinel v5.0
8 Mar 2017
Editorial review
Hard Disk Sentinel v4.50
7 Feb 2014
Hard Disk Sentinel v4.40
16 Jul 2013
Hard Disk Sentinel v4.7
28 Jan 2016
Hard Disk Sentinel v4.6
13 Jan 2015
Hard Disk Sentinel v4.4
11 Jul 2013
Hard Disk Sentinel v4.3
22 Feb 2013
Editorial review
Hard Disk Sentinel v4.1
6 Aug 2012
Hard Disk Sentinel v4.0
1 Feb 2012
Hard Disk Sentinel v3.7
14 Sep 2011
Hard Disk Sentinel v3.6
9 May 2011
Hard Disk Sentinel v3.5
17 Dec 2010
Hard Disk Sentinel v3.4
4 Nov 2010
Hard Disk Sentinel v3.3
8 Sep 2010
Editorial review
Hard Disk Sentinel v3.2
25 Jun 2010
Hard Disk Sentinel v3.0
30 Oct 2009
Hard Disk Sentinel v2.9
27 Jun 2009
Hard Disk Sentinel v2.4
27 Mar 2008
Hard Disk Sentinel v2.1
6 Apr 2008
Hard Disk Sentinel v2.0
1 Mar 2008

What's new

v5.6 [12 Feb 2020]
- Fixed possible BSOD when Intel 750 series nvme SSD (SSDPEDMW400G4 / SSDPEDMW800G4) used with Intel RST driver 17.8.
- Fixed possible increase of "Number of error information log entries" count on Samsung nvme ssds.
- Added further protection against problem in Intel AHCI driver 11.0, 11.2.
- Added support for GEIL ZENITH ssds.
- Detect emmc information on additional emmc devices.
- Improved compatibility with lacie 2Big Quadra v3.
- Improved reporting of failing ssds.
- Improved nvme sector size detection.
- Improved support for SK HYNIX GOLD ssds.
- Improved support of LEXAR SATA ssds, PLEXTOR ssds, Sandisk X300 SSD.
- Non-English language file updates.

v5.5 [11 Jul 2019]
Improvements and new features:
- Added support of Intel Virtual RAID on CPU (Intel VROC): detect NVMe RAID array members, complete self-monitoring S.M.A.R.T. status of NVMe M.2 SSDs managed by Intel VROC controller.
- Added support of HighPoint NVMe RAID controllers: detect NVMe RAID array members, complete self-monitoring S.M.A.R.T. status of NVMe M.2 SSDs managed by HighPoint NVMe RAID controllers.
- Added support of HighPoint SSD7101A-1 NVMe RAID controller.
- Added support of Lenovo 530-8I RAID adapter: detect complete S.M.A.R.T. status of SATA/SAS hard disk drives configured as RAID.
- Added support of ThinkSystem 930-8I 2GB Flash PCIe 12Gb Adapter: detect complete S.M.A.R.T. status of SATA/SAS hard disk drives configured as RAID.
- Added support of Dell PowerEdge Boot Optimized Storage Solution - BOSS: detect RAID array members, complete self-monitoring S.M.A.R.T. status of SSDs managed by the BOSS RAID controller.
- Added support for MOBIUS 5-bay RAID hard disk enclosure: detect complete status of SATA hard disks configured as JBOD or RAID.
- Added support of ICY DOCK MB662U3-2S R1 RAID external enclosure: detect status information about RAID disk members.
- Added support of Kingston Enterprise SSDs: DC500R and DC500M.
- Added detection of eMMC storage devices used in tablets: detect and display eMMC specific information and self-monitoring status. Display eMMC health (if supported by the eMMC device).
- Added support for Swissbit industrial SD cards, ATP industrial SD cards, Kingston SDCIT industrial SD cards: detect status information, health and statistics.
- Added support of Minerva RAID R2056A adapter (M.2 B M notch to SATA 7pin x2 RAID Card).
- Added support of various Apacer SATA SSDs.
Improved hardware support:
- Fixed health display for Western Digital WD BLUE SSDs.
- Improved support of WD and Hitachi Helium-filled (He) hard disk drives.
- Completely redesigned HighPoint SATA/SAS RAID controller support: better detection of RAID array configuration, logical/physical disk drives, improved status detection and S.M.A.R.T. reporting with HighPoint SATA/SAS RAID controllers.
- Added option to start Disk menu -> Short self test, extended self test on disks managed by JMicron external RAID enclosures.
- Added option to use Disk menu -> Advanced power management, Acoustic Management on disks managed by JMicron external RAID enclosures.
- Improved support of JMicron external multi-drive enclosures running in port multiplier (non-RAID) mode (drive order and logical drive assignments corrected).
- Improved NVMe detection with Intel RST RAID driver and Intel Volume Management Device NVMe RAID Controller driver.
- Improved support of different Kingston, KingDian SSDs.
- Improved write-type disk testing with Transcend RDF5 memory card reader.
- Improved write-type disk testing of SD cards formatted to exFAT.
- Improved NVMe status detection under Windows 7 when Intel chipset driver 15.7 used for the NVMe SSD.
- Improved support of multiple HighPoint RAID controllers (SATA only, SATA SAS, NVMe).
- Improved display of lifetime writes on various TOSHIBA SATA SSDs.
- Improved support of ORICO 2139U3 external enclosures.
- Improved support of ADATA SU650 SSDs.
- Improved support of KingSpec SATA SSDs.
- Improved detection of SATA disk drives on LSI (non-RAID) HBA controllers.
- Improved ASM1092R RAID controller chip support.
- Improved power on time display for SAS hard disk HGST H7280A520SUN8.0T.
- Improved support of eSATA / USB multi-drive hard disk enclosures in port multiplier (non-RAID) mode.
- Improved compatibility with ICY BOX IB-RD3640SU3.
- Improved lifetime writes on various Samsung SATA SSDs.
- Improved health display on Kingston SA400M8120G SSD.
- Improved Intel NVMe SSD detection.
- Improved disk detection with LSI RAID controllers when array(s) degraded / disk(s) missing or foreign.
Bug fixes, further modifications:
- Improved display of lifetime writes on various Samsung SATA SSDs.
- Improved power on time display for various SCSI/SAS hard disk drives.
- Overheat tray notification shows affected hard disk drive(s) first.
- Display message box with the result of e-mail test when all notifications disabled.
- Updated Russian language support, THANKS for Dmitry Yerokhin for the translation.
- Updated Spanish language support, THANKS for Skylär Astaröt for the translation.
- Updated Chinese language support, THANKS Chenxu Wang for the translation.

v5.4 [20 Mar 2019]
Improvements and new features:
- Added option to configure offsets for SCSI, SAS hard disk drives/ssds, nvme ssds, industrial SD memory cards.
- Added watchdog extension: protection against unwanted closing/termination after running for multiple days.
- Detect and display new problems, degradations of SCSI, SAS disk drives on the Log page.
- Improved and extended Log page for IDE, SATA, USB drives: display additional problems, degradations.
- It is possible to sort disks in Load status of offline disks window, multiple disk test selector window, authentic report selector window.
- It is possible to find (CTRL F, F3) in Load status of offline disks window, multiple disk test selector window, authentic report selector window.
Improved hardware support:
- Added support of Lenovo 720I SATA/SAS RAID controllers: detect complete status of SATA/SAS hard disks, ssds managed by such RAID controllers.
- Added/improved support of HP RAID controllers: Smart Array h240nr, Smart Array p240nr, Smart Array P542D: detect complete status of SATA/SAS hard disks, ssds managed by such RAID controllers.
- Added support of HPE P/E-Class SR Gen10 SATA/SAS RAID controllers (tested: HPE Smart Array p408i-a SR Gen10).
- Added support of Intel RSP3TD160F SAS RAID controller: detect complete status of SATA/SAS hard disks, ssds managed by this RAID controller.
- Completely redesigned and fixed drive order, logical drive detection with Intel, LSI, Dell, IBM RAID controllers.
- Completely redesigned VIA RAID controller detection: detect and display logical/physical disks better.
- Completely redesigned jmicron-RAID detection: detect complete disk status, RAID members and their health, temperature, self-monitoring status 10-40 times faster than previously..
- Added support of Kingston SUV500 series ssds..
- Added support of Crucial BX500 series ssds: display health and status information correctly..
- Added support for asmedia ASM236X USB -> nvme bridge: detect complete nvme M.2 SSD status over USB connection..
- Added support of USB-nvme adapters with jmicron JMS583 chip: detect and display complete nvme status information..
- Added support of Jeyi I9, ITHOO Tech USB-nvme adapter..
- Added support of UNITEK S1201A USB3.1 Type-C to M.2 (pcie/nvme) Enclosure..
- Added support of Icy Box and Delock External enclosure for M.2 nvme SSD, USB 3.1 Type-C, Glotrends Scorpio M.2 NVME USB-C External Enclosure..
- Added support of Corsair Voyager GTX pendrives: display complete self-monitoring status, lifetime writes and details..
- Added support of Mediasonic K32-SU3 external USB 3.0 - SATA hard disk enclosure..
- Added support of ICY BOX IB-231stu3 external USB hard disk enclosure..
- Added support of raidon dual drive RAID devices: detection of both hard disk drives / ssds used with temperature, health and complete self-monitoring S.M.A.R.T. information. Supported devices: raidon ir2623-S3, ir2772-S3, ir2771-S3, ir2770, ir2022, ir2622, SR2611-2S-S2R , GR3680-SB3..
- Added support of Oyen Digital minipro RAID V3 enclosure and silverstone TS231U-C enclosure: detect complete disk status of both hard disk drives / ssds used in both standalone and any RAID mode..
- Improved support of ADATA SX8200NP nvme M.2 SSD (previous version may showed 0% health)..
- Improved detection and display of Crucial P1 M.2 nvme SSD, HP SSD EX920 1TB, XPG GAMMIX S11 and various nvme M.2 ssds..
- Improved detection with Intel SMART Response Technology (SSD cache) with newer Intel RAID drivers..
- Improved support of Intel SSDSC2KW120H6 SSD, ADATA SP550 SSD, SK Hynix ssds, Kingspec ssds, liteon ssds..
- Improved support of ADATA SU650 SSD, KINGSTON RBUSNS8280S3128GH2 SSD, Seagate Barracuda ssds, Intel SSDPEKNW512G8..
- Improved support of Adaptec SAS/SATA RAID controllers..
- Improved support of 3ware 9650 SATA, 9690 SATA/SAS RAID controllers.
- Improved support of Sandisk SD8TB8UxxxG1001, SD8TN8UxxxG1001, SD9SN8W-xxxg-1006 models..
- Improved compatibility with MO (Magneto-optical) drives, Lexar Jumpdrive F35 pendrives..
- Improved disk drive temperature display on HP RAID controllers..
- Improved support of multi-disk enclosures / docking stations with jmicron chipset and ASMEDIA chipset..
- Improved nvme status detection under Windows 7 with Intel RST driver 15.7 (available from Support -> Driver Zone)..
- Improved compatibility with HP SAS Expander..
- Improved support of VLI 711 USB-ATA chipset..
- Improved power on time reporting on TOSHIBA MQ01ABD100, FUJITSU MHY2250BH, HUS726040ALS214 and various SAS hard disk drives..
- Reporting correct health for WD BLUE ssds (previous version may showed 1% health)..
- Added support of Apacer AS330 Panther..
- Detection of UASP transfer mode on double (multi-drive) docking stations..
- Fixed: detect multiple nvme SSD status on Intel VROC when ssds are in standalone (non-RAID) configuration.
Bug fixes, further modifications:
- Improved display during surface test: show surface reinitialization level, show disk number in title.

v5.3 [17 Jul 2018]
Monitor, diagnose, repair hard disks, SSDs, SSHDs (hybrid drives), NVMe SSDs, RAID arrays and external RAID boxes, industrial (micro) SD cards, tape drives, pendrives to avoid disk failure and data loss.

v5.0 [8 Mar 2017]
Improved NVMe support.

v4.7 [28 Jan 2016]
Power on time display fixes for older Maxtor hard disks
Updated Dutch language file

v4.3 [22 Feb 2013]
-important update for hard disks / SSDs connected to motherboards with Intel chipsets
-important update for multi-drive enclosures (port multiplier and RAID enclosures)
-important update for various SSDs (Corsair Force GT SSDs, Samsung SSDs, etc.)
-display progress (% complete) on application button during hard disk surface test
-improved support of VANTEX HX4R, Chieftec, Sans Digital external RAID enclosures
-improved support for LSI SAS/SATA RAID controllers and DELL SAS/SATA RAID controllers
-improved support and health detection for various Seagate hard disks, for example Seagate Thin hard disks and Seagate hard disks with special firmware
-improved support for Areca RAID controllers, accessing hard disks and SSDs in different connected enclosures, displaying enclosure number and slot number
-improved support of JMicron JMB36X / Gigabyte GBB36X / HighPoint / VIA RAID controllers under Windows 2003
-added support for newer WD hard disk (WD RED, WD Enterprise RE, etc.)
-support of HighPoint 4522 RAID controller: detecting and displaying connected SATA hard disks (standalone and configured as RAID)
-fixed periodic false alarms reported by older Intel chipset drivers (providing invalid S.M.A.R.T. information)
-fixed invalid S.M.A.R.T. information reported by LSI SAS RAID controllers for standalone (non-RAID) SATA drives
-fixed display of volume labels in hard disk selector (upper left area) if one or more partitions have no assigned logical drive letter
-general improvements for Chinese language, fixed hard disk temperature symbol in Sidebar Gadget when Chinese language used
-fixed warranty check for Samsung hard disk drives
-fixed startup problem with Drobo enclosures / devices
-improved real time performance graph display
-improved and more stable dynamic DNS update function

v2.4 [27 Mar 2008]
New features: More USB hard disk support, SSD support, scheduled and automatic hard disk tests to effectively verify and repair hard disk problems, multi-language installer, faster and more stable detection, more comfortable user interface. Free DOS version is available to detect information without running Windows.

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